Engagement Rings, Weddings and A Timeless Moment by the Shores


A wedding is a wonderful event in any woman’s life. Simple may be good, but why should you settle for a simple wedding if  it is only once in a lifetime? Planning for a wedding, like  choosing engagement rings, may be overwhelming and a handful. But for a woman, it is like planning for the beginning of a happily ever after with her better half.


Part of a wedding plan is the search of the perfect location. Today, most couples don’t settle for the typical church wedding. They go for the unique and extraordinary since this marks the start of their forever and will be part of their lives until death does them part. There are so many engagement rings and wedding themes to choose from. But among those themes, a beach wedding is definitely a stand out. Not only can you enjoy the sand, the breeze and sunset, it requires travelling and enjoying other places.


Travelling to your wedding can really take out the stress of planning for the whole event.  If you are looking for the perfect location for your happily ever after, here are some ideal destinations for your beach wedding experience.


1.      Hawaii – The word  “beach” is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Hawaii. Famous for its luxury resorts and white sand beaches like Maui, Lanai and Oahu, Hawaii offers a wide range of locations and activities to choose from. Not to mention that it is the most affordable wedding destination there is because the people there opt for a simple yet memorable ceremony.


2.      Mexico – When people think of Mexico, they often of Mexican food. But what they don’t know is that the people there are accustomed to colorful festivals. Which is why a beach wedding there would most often mean a jolly beach festival wedding along with musicians serenading the occasion through the night with lights and Mexican food galore.


3.      South Pacific – The South Pacific islands promise a very peaceful yet elegant marriage. The islands of Tahiti and Fiji offer the best romantic vacation for your wedding and honeymoons. Unlike Mexico and Hawaii, the islands of the South Pacific offer a more silent marriage. This gives the wedding an ambience of being both solemn and romantic at the same time. Also, these two islands boast highly off their white sand shores and the clear blue seas that are quite rare in islands nowadays.


Many people think that engagement rings and marriages should be done in a non extravagant way. Going to the law is one of the many famous options in marrying. But, if you have extra cash, it wouldn’t hurt to spend a little more on your marriage.


Being married is once in a lifetime and when done correctly, it can be a good foundation for all the years ahead. Someday when a couple grows old and weak, they may never do romantic things such as this   But with a romantic marriage, they would look back and think that it has been a wonderful life that started with a beautiful beginning.


About the Author:


Sofia Angeli is a skilled communications consultant and PR for companies. A lot of companies in different industries seek for her advice. She brings her writing skills to the online world and specializes on arts and lifestyle, travel, crafts, wedding planning as well as anything to do with engagement rings.