Upon arrival into the Cancun airport you will walk into the terminal and form a line to go through Mexican immigration,  pick up your luggage and follow the signs and people out of the terminal to where all the motor coaches are parked.



Passports are required for all US citizens returning to the US. To obtain information regarding passports and visas for travel to various countries as well as the ability to download any necessary documentation you may need. www.travel.state.gov



After your plane has landed and you have exited to the immigration area, you will need to present your Mexican Tourist Card (which should be given to you at check-in before you leave for Mexico or during your flight by an attendant) and travel document to an immigration officer. You will need your Mexican Tourist Card to leave Cancun, so be sure to put it in a safe place. If you lose your Tourist Card while in Cancun, you have to obtain a copy or permission to leave from the Immigration office located at the airport at an additional cost.


Red light, Green light

 After passing through immigration, claim your luggage and proceed to the Customs area. Quite often, you will not be required to open your luggage, but be prepared to do so if asked by the customs officials. You will present your Customs Form to a Customs official. Then, you will press a button at a “traffic light”. Green light means go, red light means your luggage will be briefly searched.

Great! You have now cleared Customs, now what?

As you exit the Customs area you will then see many people standing around with signs like the photo above.

Please look for the APPLE VACATIONS people with a sign that says, WALLER-WILLIAMS WEDDING GROUP.

The staff will be identifiable by their floral shirts as seen in the below photo.  They will greet arrivals holding welcome signs with the Apple Vacations logo. AMSTAR will meet and greet you here for your transfer to your host hotel.